New Music

Playing D&D last year, our Dungeon Master Josh had us fighting in an epic battle against incredible odds. And for the first time in many years, I was struck with the urge to write music again. In this case, I decided to write the orchestral soundtrack to this battle.

It was so much fun, I've decided to start writing music again. And here's where it will go. How I'm going to find time to do it between all the other weird projects I've got going is another matter entirely. :)

Wedding March


My remake of Wagner's wedding march. This piece was played at my wedding, and my beautiful bride Sarah walked down the aisle to it.The DJ we hired managed to cut the last 30 seconds of the song off (that I had spent several hours fine-tuning so it would be Just Right! ARGH!), but everything turned out beautifully nonetheless.

I had originally envisioned this piece as a big triumphant synth-fest (think Sammy Hagar-era Van Halen), but for once in my life I decided to go for subtle beauty instead of bold strangeness. I thought it turned out very well.

Violin Recessional


Now THIS piece, on the other hand, I decided to let go a little on. This is mostly a remake of Mendelssohn's wedding march, but about half was me doing it my way. So if it sounds like a cross between people getting married and a band of brave adventurers having slain an evil dragon and brought peace back to the kingdom, then you have correctly interpreted the spirit of this music.

My princess was not in another castle.

The Battle of Evensbrook

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The story of how four brave adventurers, with the help of an army and a couple high-level NPC's take on an evil wizard, an evil army, a black dragon, and a beholder. Thrills, chills, and spills.

The accompanying text file details, indexed by time elapsed, what is going on.

This is my best attempt to date at doing an orchestral piece. Writing it made Josh so happy he gave my cleric a magic +3 dire flail that did 3d6 divine fire damage. That's quality! :)

I also wrote this because I knew I was going to need practice to do a decent job on the wedding music, and the wedding was about 5 months away at this point and I hadn't written a note in about 7 years.

Tranzik F/X / Ragnarok (1993 - 1996)

I started writing music back in 1993, when I found a copy of King Mod, and wrote a godawful tune called "Anal Electrocution", chock full of Beavis and Butt-Head sound clips.

Fortunately, I also discovered that I could write music that wasn't total ass, and soon I'd hooked up with Quarex hooked me up with a copy of Multitracker Module Editor and soon this was my favorite thing in the whole world to do (aside from kicking people). I was inspired by a variety of sources, but mostly B-movies and karate. Hey, I was 18. What do you expect?

All of these songs were composed on my trusty 486, the same machine I ran the original Zen/2 BBS on. (If you got a lot of busy signals for no apparent reason, this was the reason.)

Sadly, I stopped writing music after I left for ISU in 1996, for a variety of really stupid reasons.

Anal Electrocution

The first MODfile I ever wrote. Good god. There isn't really anything else I can say. :)

Banjos in The Mist


Inspired by a B-movie about killer tree roots, this was an experiment I held to finally answer the question, "can banjos be used to call down the forces of Rock?"

I submit to you, dear reader, that they can.

Bassai Dai

One of several songs I named after Shotokan karate kata. Probably the only one that sounds remotely like I think the kata feels today, but one of my better tunes nonetheless.

Beach Babes from Beyond

A fun, catchy little tune I wrote after watching "Beach Babes from Beyond", a movie about space aliens with big boobs trying to get home. Probably not a real surprise that my friend Greg told me this sounded like porno music to him.

Brokedick Doom

'Brokedick' is a term used in the miitary for somebody who drops out of basic training.
This song is probably the closest I'll ever get to the military.


I was watching one of the Conan the Barbarian movies, and decided to see if I could write sword and sorcery whoop-ass music like Basil Poledouris. Perhaps not, but it was an effort worthy of a Cimmerian! (Several people told me they didn't think this sounded like barbarian music, but they were beheaded.)

The Battle of Evensbrook, my effort in the same vein almost 10 years later, turned out somewhat better.

Dark Order

See if you can tell which part of this song was my favorite.

Doogie Howser

Just me trying to recreate the theme song from Doogie Howser, MD. Not quite right, as I wrote it completely by ear a couple years after the last time I heard it. It was harder to find TV themes in mp3 format before the Internet, OK?


I wrote this shortly after going to my first Weird Al Yankovic concert in 1994. I know this because I named one of the sound samples "Owen" after this guy I saw there that everybody said only had 1 facial expression. And then a couple years I actually got to like hang out with him and stuff and later the same guy got me a job at a computer lab. Lesson learned: none. But it makes for a weird story.

P.S. I am aware that "doppleganger" is not how you spell the name of the monster. It's, uh, a play on words... from, uh, how music makes sound waves and the doppler effect. Right.

Dragon On My Face

Wrote this piece of crap after playing way too much Mortal Kombat II 3 days after my shodan test.

Still widely regarded by many as their favorite tune I've ever written.

Drugged Patriot

This was the first times I tried playing with the various channel effects in Multitracker; in this case it was right after Quarex told me how to do arpeggiation. So I jumped in with both feet and ended up with something weird that sounded kind of like LSD robots invaded colonial America.


Probably my favorite of all the songs I composed. This one was inspired by the bathrobe Matthew Broderick wears at the end of "Ladyhawke".

Eclipse (1 sample mix)

I was feeling experimental a couple months after I wrote Eclipse, and I had the itch to try to write a song using only 1 instrument sample. So I decided to try and recreate Eclipse using just an acoustic guitar sample, and ended up with something really cool that sounds vastly different from its parent.


Named after Enpi, a kata which I had just learned when I wrote this. Enpi is supposed to have the feeling of being a flying swallow. While I do not think I succeeded in emulating that feel, it turned out to be a pretty good tune nonetheless.


Written after I watched "Miracle Beach", a movie about a guy who finds a magic lamp containing a beautiful genie who grants him wealth and power. Then they fall in love and she gives up her powers and he ends up homeless.



I'm a dork. But more importantly, I used to be a horny teenage dork.

This song was named after Glasya, the Princess of Hell (the pic is from her entry in D&D Monster Manual II). When I played D&D in high school, a friend and I had a great (read: great for horny teenagers) idea for an adventure where my paladin character would go down into Hell and save her and convert her to good and they'd get married and have lots of little paladins.

I wrote this about 2 years after that, and while trying to think up a name, I thought of our retarded adventures in Hell. For all the parents worried that D&D corrupts your children, this is what happens. :)

Kanku Dai


Named after Shotokan kata Kanku Dai, this was my 6th song, and the one that made me realize that perhaps I don't completely suck at this after all.

No, I don't know how I got a Spanish guitar song out of the kata used to introduce karate to Japan.

Lava Surfing

One of my earlier tunes. In the original MOD version, the ending is looped so the last 4 or 5 measures would never stop playing. I thought I was SO clever. Fortunately you are spared that fate in the mp3 version. :)

Misguided Fury

With this song, I predated the angry white boy massive guitar phase of pop music by about 5 years. At the time, I just wanted to throw as many guitars in one place as I could and try to sonically destroy the skeleton of the user, freeing their soul from its earthly confines.

While it has a couple of cool points in it, this is basically just an aural turd that makes me motion sick when I listen to it when my sinuses are plugged. But give it a listen anyway. :)

Mission Improbable

I think this was the third piece I ever wrote. This reminded me of the theme music from Tango and Cash, although nobody else I know remembers what that sounds like so it's kind of a moot point.


I was listening to Michael Jackson's "Thriller" when I was trying to name this song, and all the things I was coming up with were really disturbing even to me, so I decided not to name it in my own special way.


Inspired by the Clive Barker film "Night Breed". The ending to this one still makes me headbang.

Rabbit Lunch

The first time I ever played with a c64 emulator, I found a demo disk, and it had this cool Tasmanian Devil pic on it and played music and showed the lyrics to a song about Bugs Bunny playing an electric guitar and defeating Taz. So I tried doing my own version of the song, and this is what came out.

It was several years later before I found out the song was "The Devil Went Down to Georgia" by the Charlie Daniels Band, and that my version doesn't sound a damn thing like it. Sorry, Charlie. :)

Saskatchewan Twin

I know what you're thinking. Don't ask me where the title came from. Ok FINE. I'll tell you then. Pushy &^%%

It was a movie about Canadians.

Shatner's Wake

No idea where I got the name from. At the time this was written, I think the last anyone had seen of William Shatner was Star Trek VI.

Although I consider this one of my better songs, why does it remind me of "Stand by Me" and elves at the same time?



Came up with this one in the shower a few days before I took my 1st degree black belt (shodan) exam, and finished 10 days afterward. There are 3 parts of this song: the pre-test jitters, the test itself, and the happiness and relief upon passing.

Didn't come out exactly like I had it in my head, but they rarely do. :)

The Hunt

I think this was my second piece ever, and the first where I decided to try to like, make music instead of stringing Beavis and Butthead WAV files together.



Named after, and inspired by, the Shotokan kata Unsu. In this song, I was trying to get the feel for "hands in the clouds" (that's what "Unsu" means in English). One of my better orchestral pieces of the time, except for one part that reminds me of the theme to Mork and Mindy.

VSM III - Genesis

This is one you probably won't get if you weren't in Tranzik F/X. :)

There was this guy called Elrond, see, and he made this weird little tune called "VSM" (Very Small Mod). And for some reason, everybody remixed it. Hell, I made two myself. This is one of them.

All music ©1993-2005 Matt Dukes.

Please download and listen to these files freely, but any other use is unauthorized without the express written permission of the author.

Some of these songs are inspired by and named after movies and videogames. If by some horrible chance you are an owner of the rights to one of these copyrighted works and you believe I am infringing on your intellectual property, please contact me. I make no profit whatsoever from these and would be thrilled to work out a solution that won't get me sued. All names and everything pertaining to these copyrighted works aside from the music I wrote about them is copyright the original owners.